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Generation Research surveys, analyses and documents the global duty free and travel retail market in an ever more exacting manner to the ultimate benefit of traders in the industry.

Generation Research possesses the world's largest data bank of duty free and travel retail statistics. Since the company was formed more than 30 years ago, it has established a very special network of co-operation with duty free / travel retail shop operators and suppliers all over the world.

Our business is built on long-term partnerships with clients as well as information sources which have ensured that the company delivers a wide range of products and services that are relevant to the changing needs in a fast-developing environment.


The Report Division produces the Travel Retail Perfumery Reports (TRPR), which are available to subscribers exclusively and produced for clients in the beauty industry. Travel retail sales per region, channel, product category and brand are thoroughly documented and analysed. Truly unique in character, focus and contents, these reports are unequalled in terms of scope and accuracy.

The Travel Retail Perfumery Reports started in 1994 and today 9 out of 10 fragrance and cosmetic houses participate and subscribe to this report series. The reports are to a large extent, led by supplier data input but embrace also the input from retailers enabling validation of results with crosschecking analyses.
144 x Market Segments * More than 1,200 exclusive articles on global duty free and travel retail trade * Comments on key results in research programmes such as TRIQ Confectionery, TRPR Beauty, TRAQ Beverage, TRIQ Tobacco, TRAQ Beauty, ...

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Travel Retail Audit Quarterly produces category specific aggregated reports based upon actual POS sell-out data from locations and retailers all over the world. The collection of quarterly sales data (right down to SKU) commenced in 1Q and 2Q 2004 and is continuing apace. TRAQ is currently available to participating retailers and is commercially available to brand owners / suppliers / distributors since 2005.

The categories currently covered are Beverage(Wines & Spirits), Beauty, Confectionery & Fine Food and Tobacco. TRAQ is set to become the indispensable resource for reliable, comprehensive and in-depth analysis on what is happening in the duty free and travel retail market today for both retail operators and suppliers alike.

Travel Retail Indicator Quarterly Reports are aimed at providing suppliers with regular reports on the evolution of the Confectionery business and only available to participating suppliers in the Confectionery industry.

TRIQ involves the collection of product shipment data from individual brand owners / suppliers / distributors (“Suppliers”) which, along with similar data from other Suppliers is processed to produce tailored global, regional or individual sector or market reports.

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